About Us

The journey

Once upon a time, four little black girls curiously watched women in their community as they weaved household items from natural fiber. That curiosity developed into a life mission, to bring Mother Nature's gift of fiber to fashion. Out of that relentless pursuit to find the answer to ethical, affordable fashion, their paths merged and Gesamari was born. And with her, the passion to design unique, timeless, quality, and artistry bags came to life.

We Care

GESAMARI is a sustainable fashion accessory company, birthed from a sisterhood of honesty, transparency and a shared passion for unraveling Mother Nature's gift of raffia fiber into fashion. As a proud, black-owned company, we work relentlessly to improve, promote, and bring sustainable fashion to international platforms where it can be recognized. 

We Change

We aim to change perceptions with our thoughtfully designed bags and to create awareness for conscious consumerism for fashion lovers that are not willing to compromise their environmental footprints with their life-style.

We empower

A Gesamari bag gifts respect to our planet and opportunity to women across three continents: Our Designs—inspired by our Cameroonian heritage; Our Weaving—led by our talented, women weavers in the Philippines; Our Management—based here in the United States.

We celebrate

All of our products are handmade and bring together the finest materials and stunning, intricate, embroidered designs that showcase artisanship of the women we support.

We draw inspiration from the everyday woman and celebrate her in the intricacy, color, creativity and thoughts woven into each design.